Indianapolis: The City Where Champions Are Crowned

Since the 1970s, Indianapolis has built a reputation as The Amateur Sports Capital of The World and a global destination for world-class sporting events.

Video Transcript

There’s no better place to be a sports fan than Indiana. Whether it’s hockey, baseball, soccer, racing, swimming, diving, skating, skiing. Whatever the sport, you name it; we’ve got it.

We have iconic teams like The Colts and The Pacers. We have the nation’s first ever sports commission. And we’re home to both the Horizon League and the NCAA Headquarters.

But more than that, Indianapolis is one of the top host cities in the country with the elite of the elite athletes coming here—not just to play—but to compete on the global stage.

From the Super Bowl, to the Olympic Swim Trials, to the entire March Madness tournament, Indy is built for big sporting events. Because we have the people, the place, and the passion to turn every game into a spectacle.

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