The #1 State for Manufacturing

From steel to automobiles, Indiana maintains a robust advanced manufacturing industry, as well as the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the nation.

Video Transcript

Here in Indiana, manufacturing is a way of life. From hands-on welding to high-tech robotics, manufacturing accounts for over 25% of our state’s economic output. But one of Indiana’s most famous exports is our limestone, a unique natural resource from some of the best quarries in the country.

Chances are that you’ve seen Indiana limestone somewhere around the world, whether that’s the Empire State Building, the Lincoln Memorial, or our very own Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Meanwhile, if you head up to Gary, Indiana, you’ll find the largest steel manufacturing plant in the U.S., capable of producing 7.5 million tons of steel each year.

With over a century of expertise under our belts, it’s no wonder that Indiana remains the #1 place for steel production—and the strongest manufacturing state in the country.

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