The Natural Wonders of Indiana

Indiana is an idyllic destination for both rugged outdoorsmen and everyday nature lovers, featuring a wide range of beautiful landscapes and terrains just waiting for you to explore.

Video Transcript

People don’t realize the abundance of natural beauty we have here in Indiana. But when you stop and think about it, our state is packed with awe-inspiring landscapes from the dunes in the north to the caves in the south.

On the shores of Lake Michigan, you’ll find 15,000 acres of lush woodland and sandy beaches. The Indiana Dunes attract millions of people each year for swimming, hiking, sailing, and fishing—all with the Chicago skyline in the distance.

From there, you can work your way down to Eagle Creek Park; watch the autumn leaves turn in Brown County; check out fleets of antique boats at Lake James; go caving in the natural caverns of Marengo Cave; or spend a day just admiring the wildlife that flock to these areas.

Each year, 30,000 sandhill cranes descend on Pulaski County as part of their annual migration, while giant bison roam the prairie at the Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve.

These destinations are places where you can truly get away from it all—where taking in the fresh air is more than therapeutic and even your locally-brewed cup of coffee tastes different because Indiana’s beauty is a sight to behold.

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