The Covered Bridge Capital of the World

Indiana is home to dozens of historic covered bridges—each built with a roof to protect its wooden structures and ensure it would stand the test of time.

Video Transcript

Covered bridges are a historic relic of America’s past. Back in the 1900s, there were more than 10,000 of these bridges across the United States. But now, less than 1,000 are still standing today.

Here in Indiana, we’re fortunate to have nearly 100 covered bridges carefully maintained throughout the state. In fact, Parke County, Indiana, touts itself as The Covered Bridge Capital of the World with 31 historic bridges dating back to the 1800s.

Every year, you can join tens of thousands of people at the annual Parke County Covered Bridge Festival and enjoy a variety of food, art, and vendors selling period wares. It’s like you’re stepping back in time, while enjoying a day of true therapy.

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