A Global Leader in the Life Sciences

Indiana is consistently one of the top three states for life sciences exports, leading the nation in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and the agbiosciences.

Video Transcript

Indiana is a global leader in the life sciences—home to Eli Lilly, Roche Diagnostics, Zimmer Biomet, and over 2,000 other businesses.

These companies are some of the most innovative institutions in the industry, leading the way forward in everything from medical devices to AgTech.

In fact, they call Warsaw, Indiana, the Orthopedics Capital of the World because they produce 50% of the global market, while Eli Lilly spends upwards of $7 billion on pharmaceutical research and development each year.

This innovation is supported by a world-class network of universities here in Indiana, with all the talent and resources they need to fuel their progress for generations to come.

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