Arts and Culture in Indiana

With a vibrant culture and a high quality of life, Indianapolis is a place where sports fans, art lovers, music aficionados, and foodies alike can all feel right at home.

Video Transcript

Typically, when people think about where they want to work, the first question really is: where do I want to live? That’s why so many people come to Indiana—a place that balances community with opportunity, while offering endless things to do.

After all, our state has the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the NCAA Headquarters, and the largest children’s museum in the U.S. We host some of the biggest conventions in the country, including the annual PRI Trade Show, FFA, and Gen Con, the best tabletop gaming convention in North America.

We have film festivals and theater productions, Broadway shows and concert venues, art museums and orchestras and just about everything in between—right here in our own backyard.

These cultural elements are truly what brings a community together, as we share in the beauty of our art and culture. But we go beyond the arts to include sports, too.

Indianapolis has a reputation as The City Where Champions Are Crowned because we host world-class sporting events for the elite of the elite.

We don’t just host Final Fours here. We’ve hosted the entire March Madness tournament. And our sports scene doesn’t just start and stop with basketball. We have racing, golfing, swimming and diving, hockey and baseball, football and futbol, and the list goes on and on. Because Indiana truly is a place that has it all.

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