The Legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Since 1909, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been the Racing Capital of the World—a historic destination that attracts die-hard race fans, car enthusiasts, and globetrotters alike.

Video Transcript

There’s nowhere in the world like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This legendary oval is the world’s oldest continually operating racetrack—and a bucket list destination for race fans across the globe.

The Speedway was originally built back in 1909, as a test track for local auto manufacturers. These industry leaders came together to create a place where the best of the best compete.

And now, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the undisputed Racing Capital of the World, where hundreds of thousands of people come together to witness the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

The track has changed a lot over the last century, breaking high-speed racing records and driving innovation in the auto industry. But the tradition and pageantry around Race Day remains an integral part of our Hoosier identity.

That’s why the IMS Museum carefully chronicles the history behind our legendary speedway. And to this day, you can still kneel down and kiss the bricks from the track that started it all.

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