Cultural Diversity in Indiana

America truly is a land of immigrants, and Indiana is no exception. Our state is home to a diverse, international community that represents people and cultures from all over the world.

Video Transcript

People assume that life in the Midwest means missing out on some of the many beautiful cultures of the world. But the truth is: Indiana is home to a diverse community of people—from all different backgrounds, countries, and cultures. 

The first to journey here were European immigrants, creating a strong foundation of Irish, German, and Italian heritage in our community. 

Then, Hispanics were hired to work in local farms and steel mills. Black Hoosiers created a thriving community around Indiana Avenue, and Asian Americans brought new businesses and cultures to our state. 

These immigrants came from all over the globe to enjoy the freedom and opportunity of our fair country. And in return, they helped build Indiana into a state we’re all proud to call home. 

Now, Indiana has hundreds of thousands of immigrants, including the largest Burmese community in the country. We’ve established sister cities from Japan to Nicaragua—and attracted billions in foreign direct investment, as we strive to make Indiana a truly global community.

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