Home of the Future Farmers of America

The FFA is a national youth organization headquartered in Indiana that helps students engage in agriculture and discover their potential for leadership.

Video Transcript

Since 1928, the Future Farmers of America have taught generations of young leaders how to tackle the growing needs of the agriculture industry. 

They encourage students to engage in the agbiosciences and help prepare them for careers that drive AgTech innovation. Because no matter how much the industry changes, FFA helps their members become what the world needs next, whether that’s AI engineering or high-tech plant genetics. 

Today, the FFA has nearly a million members and over 9,000 chapters across the United States, but their headquarters remains right here in Indiana.

That’s why each year, the FFA invites over 60,000 members and supporters to Indianapolis for the annual FFA Convention—a time for students to compete, collaborate, and celebrate their leadership over the past year. And believe me, you’ll know when they’re in town. Because everywhere you turn, you’ll see an ocean of blue corduroy jackets, standing united together.

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