Indiana’s Talent Pipeline

Here in Indiana, we understand that good business depends on skilled talent. That’s why our state makes an effort to invest in education and workforce development.

Video Transcript

One thing every business has to have is a skilled and ready workforce, and Indiana has become somewhat of a concierge to make that happen. We make sure that our talent is uniquely equipped for every business need, and we start at a very early age.

From K-12 investments, to cross-training programs, and degree programs all the way from GED to PhD, Indiana is laser focused on making sure that when a student graduates, they have their ticket to success in hand.

And we do that by making sure our talent pipeline is more of a talent network—where Hoosiers can pursue any path to success through education.

We’ve got Purdue University and Indiana University; Notre Dame and Butler and a network of 30 private colleges; as well as Ivy Tech, the largest singly-accredited community college in America; and organizations like the Hendricks College Network that teach people looking to upskill, retrain, and advance in hands-on careers.

All of these institutions work together cohesively—with system after system layered on top of one another—to supply our businesses with the talent they need to grow into the next decade.

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