The Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area

The Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area is a beacon of wildlife conservation and habitat restoration in Indiana, spanning 9,000 acres of diligently preserved prairies and wetlands.

Video Transcript

Indiana has hundreds of beautiful parks and nature preserves—but none quite so majestic as the Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area. 

Just a few decades ago, this region was all cultivated farmland. But now, Goose Pond is one of the largest and most successful restoration projects in the U.S.

Through years of hard work, the Indiana DNR restored these wetlands to their former glory, preserving the natural habitat for over 260 species of birds including cranes, pelicans, bald eagles, and—naturally—geese. 

Today, Goose Pond has over 9,000 acres of meadows and marshes, where wildflowers and songbirds dot the countryside. This scenic landscape attracts thousands of visitors each year, as they go hiking through the prairie, kayaking on the water, and even hunting and fishing while it’s in season.

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