The Crossroads of America

Since 1937, Indiana’s state motto has been “The Crossroads of America” in honor of the roads, railways, and waterways that make our state a centralized hub of trade and transportation.

Video Transcript

One thing I’m really proud of about the State of Indiana is that we live up to our state’s motto: the Crossroads of America.

CNBC recently named Indiana the #1 state for infrastructure in the country, and it really comes down to how we connect with one another, as individuals, as communities, as markets both close and far flung.

Obviously, having the Indianapolis International Airport—the #1 airport in North America—in our capital city is a large part of this.

But it’s also about our regional airports; our border-to-border rail service; our three international ports—with access to two of America’s busiest waterways; our trails, designed to link our communities and neighbors together; and, of course, our roadways.

Indiana is the top state in the country for highway connectivity, with four major interstates intersecting right here in Indianapolis. That’s why they call us the Crossroads—because Indiana truly is a gateway to the world.

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