The Origin of Indiana Rye Whiskey

Similar to Kentucky Bourbon, Indiana Rye Whiskey is a regional variant of the classic American whiskey—made with at least 51% rye mash to create a uniquely dry, spicy flavor.

Video Transcript

Kentucky may be famous for their bourbon, but here in Indiana, we have our own spirit of choice—the Indiana Rye Whiskey.  

Now, working with rye is notoriously a difficult task, but generations of Hoosier distilleries have refined the process down to a science, making Indiana one of the largest producers of rye whiskey in the U.S. 

That’s why I signed the Indiana Rye Act to help our distilleries make a name for themselves—and start marketing their whiskey all across the country. 

We worked alongside local distillers to define what it takes to be called “Indiana Rye Whiskey,” so they can maintain a consistent standard of quality and build a reputation around the designation. 

Now, if you buy a bottle with “Indiana Rye” on the label, you can trust that it’s the finest rye whiskey in the world—guaranteed to be mashed, fermented, distilled, and aged right here in Indiana.

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