Cheering on the Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts have been Indiana’s sole NFL football team since 1984, when the Irsay family decided to bring the Baltimore Colts to Indy.

Video Transcript

Football is such a big part of Hoosier culture, it’s easy to forget we weren’t always in the NFL. 

Back in the 70s, all we had was college football until our leaders took a gamble with the Hoosier Dome, deciding to build a stadium before we had a team. But the risk paid off, and in 1984, the Colts packed up and moved to Indianapolis. 

Since then, Indiana has been Colts Nation, where fans bleed white and blue and proudly do it for the shoe. We’ve become a city of legends like Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy—a place known for its sold-out stadium crowds. And in 2007, the Colts became proud Super Bowl Champions. 

But win or lose, we’re always ready to fill the stands at Lucas Oil and show the world what it means to be a Colts fan.

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