Off-Roading in the Indiana Badlands

Indiana has thousands of acres dedicated to off-road parks and recreation, but the Badlands Off-Road Park is one of the best—with diverse terrain and trails for every skill level.

Video Transcript

When it comes to high-speed thrills, there’s nothing like getting on an all-terrain vehicle and just letting her rip, off-roading through the dusty trails in the Badlands of Attica. 

From dense woods and muddy waters to rock quarries and sand dunes, the Badlands Off-Road Park has over 1,400 acres of rugged terrain—perfect for spitting up dirt in your vehicle of choice. 

Whether that’s an ATV, an SUV, a 4×4, or a side-by-side, the Badlands has something for everyone, including a variety of trails for all skill levels and one of the best motocross tracks in the Midwest. 

And best of all, their emphasis on safety makes the Badlands a perfect place for families to run wild and get a handle on all of the twists and turns of extreme motorsports. 

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