Homegrown Hoosier Distilleries

Whether your alcohol of choice is vodka, gin, whiskey, or rum, Indiana has a selection of high-end distilleries that craft some of the finest spirits in the Midwest.

Video Transcript

There’s nothing quite like opening a bottle of bourbon after a hard day’s work, and many of my favorites are made right here in Indiana. I may be biased, but our state is home to some of the finest distilleries in the country.

There’s Hard Truth, Indiana’s largest destination distillery, with their Toasted Coconut Rum and Indiana Rye Whiskey. There’s Bear Wallow, one of the first craft distilleries in Indiana—known for using locally grown grain for their 100% corn whiskey. And, of course, Hotel Tango, the first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery in the nation.

And if spirits aren’t your taste, you can always try some of our award-winning breweries and wineries. Local brands like Sun King and Oliver can be found in stores and cellars all across the country.

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