Hoosier Basketball with the Indiana Pacers

Since 1967, the Pacers have been an intrinsic part of Hoosier culture, bringing the prestige of professional basketball to Indy’s home court.

Video Transcript

Basketball is more than just a sport in Indiana. It’s part of what makes us Hoosiers. From high school tournaments to college rivalries, we grow up on the court—shooting hoops, catching games, and cheering on our beloved Indiana Pacers.  

Back in the 60s, the Pacers played for the ABA, where they won three championships and captured the heart of our city, building a loyal fanbase that followed them to the NBA in 1976. 

Since then, some of the greatest names in the game have worn the Pacers blue and gold and turned Gainbridge Fieldhouse into an arena of legends—where we fill the stands, decked out in our game-day finest and ready to yell ourselves hoarse over the perfect winning shot. Because we grow basketball here.

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