Industry Innovation in Indiana

Indiana is driving innovation in high-growth industry sectors looking to disrupt the global market, including everything from clean energy and AgTech to advanced mobility and Industry 4.0 technology.

Video Transcript

You know, they call it R&D for a reason, and that’s because research is the foundation of innovation. Here in Indiana, we’re heavily investing in the Economy of the Future, creating an environment that fosters both competition and collaboration.

That’s why our state is one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the nation—and a global leader in the life sciences.

From shrimp farms to solar farms, we stay on the cutting-edge of innovation. We build high-demand microelectronics, pioneer new breakthroughs in plant genetics, and lead the way in advanced sports tech. And when it comes to mobility, look no further than the Indy Autonomous Challenge.

Our world-class network of companies, universities, and nonprofits all work together to drive entrepreneurship and make sure our startups have the resources and capital they need to succeed.

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