Locally Raised Indiana Seafood

Indiana is home to a surprisingly diverse aquaculture industry with dozens of land-based fish farms that sell more than $15 million in fish and shellfish each year.

Video Transcript

Our state is known for its corn, but have you ever tried homegrown Indiana shrimp?

Not many people know this, but Indiana actually has a thriving aquaculture community, where farmers raise everything from saltwater shrimp to ornamental koi fish.

Each year, AquaBounty produces 1,200 metric tons of land-raised salmon… while RDM Aquaculture boasts the freshest seafood in 600 miles.

These aquaculture farms use state-of-the-art technology to replicate natural ocean conditions right here in the heart of the Midwest, so Hoosiers can enjoy the healthiest fresh-caught seafood that rivals the quality of the coasts.

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