Spelunking in Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave is a unique dripstone cavern in southern Indiana, where visitors can explore the natural cave formations and go caving in a true underground ecosystem.

Video Transcript

Deep in the hills of southern Indiana, there lies a secret subterranean world in the depths of Marengo Cave. This dripstone cavern took millions of years to form, but it wasn’t discovered until 1883, when two children stumbled on the natural wonder hidden beneath their feet. 

Now, Marengo Cave is an official National Landmark and one of the finest show caves in the Midwest, featuring five miles of spacious caverns packed with stalactites, flowstones, and other geological formations. 

These caves are large enough for walking tours through the main passageway. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try spelunking in the underground depths—with no natural light in sight. 

You may even spot the subterranean streams that continue to chip away at the limestone, digging the cave deeper and deeper with each passing year!

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