The Historic New Harmony Labyrinth 

This peaceful, garden labyrinth is a remnant of the Utopian community that first founded the town of New Harmony back in the 1800s.

Video Transcript

New Harmony, Indiana, is a quaint, picturesque town right on the banks of the Wabash River. Originally founded by Christian Harmonists, this historic site was the home of—not one—but two Utopian communities in the early 1800s. 

Of course, their dreams of a perfect society quickly dissolved, but their efforts still helped promote a spirit of equality here in America. 

Now, New Harmony is a vibrant Hoosier community that’s lovingly preserved the history of its past. You can even tour historic buildings from the town’s founding, including the beautiful Harmonist Labyrinth. 

This diligently manicured maze is a faithful reconstruction of the original labyrinth, designed for quiet contemplation amidst the garden. With such peaceful serenity, it’s no wonder why so many poets, authors, and theologians are still drawn here today.

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