The Art & Nature Park at Newfields

Newfields offers a unique museum experience where visitors can enjoy art exhibits, community events, and outdoor hikes all on one beautiful campus.

Video Transcript

One of the most beautiful places in Indiana is the Newfields campus, where you’ll find the Indianapolis Museum of Art and over 150 acres of historic gardens.

The IMA is Indy’s premier art museum, featuring a wide range of ancient and contemporary art from across the globe. From iconic European masterpieces to immersive digital art, their collection has over 54,000 permanent works, as well as a variety of rotating exhibits and events.

But what truly sets Newfields apart is the sprawling park around the museum, stretching across acres of woodlands, wetlands, and gardens—all decorated with striking art and architecture.

These artworks are specially curated to complement the natural beauty of Newfields, combining their lush scenery with public art to create a uniquely beautiful destination.

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